"Hundred in the Crown"

Measurement and verification of the highest peaks of the Crown of Polish Mountains

About Project

"Hundred in the Crown" Project for the 100th anniversary of the AGH University of Science and Technology

The portal presents the results of the scientific project 'Measurement and verification of the Polish Mountains Crown'. The aim of this project was to check the altitude of the 28 highest peaks of the Crown of Polish Mountains (CPM). As a part of it, we also measured the highest peaks in mesoregions indentified in 2018, which are not oficially included in the CPM. This website will be helpful for every walker, especially for those trying to get the badge of the Crown of Polish Mountains.

Mystery of the Mountains

The CPM consists of 28 peaks in main mountain ranges of Poland. Since available cartographic materials raise many doubts, we decided to answer the following questions:

  • Which peak is the highest in a particular mountain section?
  • Which point of the peak is the highest one?
  • Are the peaks considered to be the highest in particular sections are identified correctly?
  • What is the height of the peaks officially included in the CPM?


Below we listed the heights of particular peaks, calculated according to our measurements. They are given in meters and are referred to sea level in the Kronstadt reference system. You are welcome to use the data we provide in the table or as a Shapefile file (for other formats, please contact us).


PEAK Mountains Mesoregions Height
Lubomir Makowski Beskid Mts Beskidy 903.6
Czupel Mały Beskid Mts Beskidy 930.7
Lackowa Low Beskid Mts Beskidy 997.9
Radziejowa Sącz Beskid Mts Beskidy 1262.1
Skrzyczne Silesian Beskid Mts Beskidy 1258.1
Mogielica Wyspowy Beskid Mts Beskidy 1171.9
Babia Góra Żywiecki Beskid Mts Beskidy 1723.6
Turbacz Gorce Mts Beskidy 1309.9
Wysoka Pieniny Mts Beskidy 1049.3
Rysy Tatra Mts Beskidy 2499.0
Starobociański Wierch West Tatra Mts Beskidy 2175.7
Tarnica Bieszczady Bieszczady 1346.1
Jaworniki Sanocko-Turczańskie Mts Bieszczady 909.2
Skała Agaty Świętokrzyskie Mts Świętokrzyskie Mts 614.0
Łysica Świętokrzyskie Mts Świętokrzyskie Mts 613.6
Szeroka Mt Bardzkie Mts Sudety 766.3
Kłodzka Mt Bardzkie Mts Sudety 757.2
Postawna Bialskie Mts Sudety 1115.5
Brusek Bialskie Mts Sudety 1115.2
Rudawiec Bialskie Mts Sudety 1106.2
Jagodna Bystrzyckie Mts Sudety 977.2
Wysoka Kopa Izerskie Mts Sudety 1127.6
Okole Kaczawskie Mts Sudety 725.3
Folwarczna Kaczawskie Mts Sudety 724.7
Skopiec Kaczawskie Mts Sudety 720.7
Baraniec Kaczawskie Mts Sudety 720.1
Waligóra Kamienne Mts Sudety 934.3
Biskupia Kopa Opawskie Mts Sudety 889.8
Orlica Orlickie Mts Sudety 1084.5
Wielka Sowa Sowie Mts Sudety 1015.7
Szczeliniec Wielki Stołowe Mts Sudety 921.7
Borowa Wałbrzyskie Mts Sudety 853.4
Chełmiec Wałbrzyskie Mts Sudety 850.0
Kowadło Złote Mts Sudety 988.0
Śnieżka Karkonosze Sudety 1603.2
Ślęża Ślęży Massif Sudety 717.8
Śnieżnik Śnieżnik Massif Sudety 1423.0
Ostra Mała Rudawy Janowickie Sudety 944.8
Skalnik Rudawy Janowickie Sudety 944.5